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The Stamina Coach Review: Best Guide To Last Longer In Bed

It wasn’t long ago that guys with premature ejaculation were stuck having to put up with unsatisfying sex. There was very little they could do unless they had access to a relationship coach who specialized in using behavioral techniques to help men last longer in bed.

Expert Coaching Is Hard To Find

These experts are very few and far between. In fact, there are only about 5 of them who I’d recommend on this planet.

Right up the top of that list would be Adam Vance, which is why the news that he has released a full training guide is being met with such enthusiasm.

You see Adam normally keeps a pretty low profile and works only by personal referral, usually with the rich and elite who are lucky enough to get a look in. So unless you’re a Hollywood star or wall street high roller chances are you will have never heard of him up till now.

But all that has now changed with the release of the Stamina Coach by Adam. It’s a personal training program that teaches all of Adam’s methods and training techniques (there’s a lot of them) plus his mindset shifts you’ll need to make to the last longer in bed.

In his epic article on his site, Adam explains many of these methods he uses to show men how to make sex last longer and if you haven’t read it already you should go and check it out right now.

The Stamina Coach Guide To Lasting Longer In Bed

We’ve checked out the guide and it’s of the caliber you would expect. In fact, it’s easily the best guide to lasting longer in bed and treating premature ejaculation that we’ve seen.

The first thing that you will notice is the huge number of training methods, exercises and mental changes, and skills you can develop with this course. And it’s easy to see why the results of the course are being raved about by so many guys.

Best Parts Of the Stamina Coach

The whole program is very solid but there are a few modules that really stand out.

Emergency Methods: These are at the beginning of the guide and they’re such a great way to get started with your premature ejaculation training. They will help you from day one and give you a flying start on your journey to lasting longer in bed.

Understanding Arousal: This section will be a revelation for a lot of guys, and it was for us too. Adam turns on its head the conventional wisdom about arousal and sensitivity during sex.  Instead of trying to hide from and limit arousal during sex, Adam shows you why you should face your arousal and learn how to harness it. He’ll also show you how to turn yourself back before reaching the point of no return

Advanced Modules: This is the final module of the course and it’s all about building your stamina to such a level that you can enjoy hard sex and with all those kinky positions that you’ve probably had to avoid up till now. it’s a great way to conclude such a groundbreaking course and is worth the purchase price on its own.

How Much Does The Stamina Coach Cost?

When I first heard about Adam’s Course I expected the price to be at least a few hundred. After all, his private coaching sessions reportedly cost $3000 for those lucky enough to get a slot.

But the full course is now priced at just $189. That’s one hell of a bargain for a lifetime’s worth of great sex.

Where To Get It?

The program is available from the official Stamina Coach site.



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