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Premature Ejaculation Causes

man-on-topOne of the most widespread problems within relationships today is premature ejaculation with as many as one in three men affected at some point in their lives. Yet despite being so common very little is understood by most men (not to mention quite a few so-called experts) about what really causes some men to experience a lack of sexual control.  While all men are different in both mind and body, if you are one of the many men to experience early ejaculation it’s likely that you can pin it on one or more of the following causes. As you read through try to identify which of these are relevant to you.


Let’s start with your genes and the way we as humans have evolved because this is one facet that is often overlooked by guys suffering from this issue. Despite the fact that you and your partner may want intercourse to go for hours, your body often has different ideas.  For it, sex is simply a means for you to reproduce and pass your genes on to the next generation, and the most efficient way to ensure this is to finish as quickly as possible.

Mental Factors

There is little doubt that for some men at least, the state of your mind can play a big part in your ability to maintain control during intercourse.  When your mind starts to stress or worry, this can often directly affect the physical parts of the body leading to increased muscle tension. This tension will then commonly move to the genital region where it can quickly trigger the process of ejaculation.

Bad Habits

When they are young and discover masturbation a lot of male teenagers develop bad habits when they attempt to climax as quickly as possible. What this can do is basically rewire the whole process and unconsciously train your body to be on a hair-trigger at these times.  Then later in life when you commence having romantic relationships your body continues to do as it has been trained, only thing time with the extra stimulation of a real woman.

Lack of knowledge

Many men and even experts forget about this component but for me, this is the most important factor in a long way.  The truth is that most guys have absolutely no idea about the many ways there are to control the reactions of your body during intercourse. After all, sex is a skill that is quite complicated and we really shouldn’t just expect to be great at it without any guidance or practice.  This is good news for you if you have trouble lasting because it means that if you are willing to work at it you can quickly improve your bedroom stamina. has some great information on how you can use a structured program to train your ejaculatory system and improve your control

stop-premature-ejaculationThe Next Step

Regardless of which of these primary causes of PE applies to you, the effect of each and everyone can be reduced with effective treatment and an increase in the understanding of the way your body operates. In addition, there are a number of highly effective exercises that can be undertaken by you that will steadily increase the control you have over your ejaculatory muscles.

Brady Howler

Brady is a writer and MMA practitioner who has written for a number of top publications on topics covering training, fitness, relationships, and men's health.

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